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Friday, March 27, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: Animal Kingdom, Africa, Safari Ride - Part 11

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 We then proceeded to the African section. The scene is like a market place in Nairobi.

Very quaint eating establishment with the old world charm.

The next adventure that is a must in Animal Kingdom is the Kalimanjaro Safari ride. This is a real safari ride. Real animals in their environment.

The entrance looks simple but this ride takes up the largest space in the park. We are lucky with the crowd (or lack of). We could just waltz in without any waiting.

Comfortably sitting on the large safari bus with my son all excited for the ride to start.

The first warning sign we saw as we started on the tour.

On the bus we saw a list of animals that Disney have in the park. The bus driver is also the tour guide. As usual, before we get to the see the animal, there is always an interesting aspect of the ride; crossing a swaying bridge and driving through a deep river.

Like their habitat in Africa, Disney re-created the environment for the animals to roam free.

Disney even created a savannah-like area.

We got to see a lot of animals.

The whole ride took approximately just over 20 minutes. As a continuation, there is also a walking section of the ride.

Here we get the chance to go up close to gorillas.

A silver-back gorilla.

To be continued.

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