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Friday, December 2, 2016

Nescafe Latte Caramel - Quite nice actually

A few months ago, Nescafe had a promotion of their latest drink - Nescafe Latte Caramel. Got myself a pack to try out. I was also give a free gift of other flavours. I actually quite like the taste.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Working visit to Tokyo, Japan - Homeward Bound - Part 6 End

Continuation from:

Working visit to Tokyo, Japan - Sightseeing in Tokyo - Part 5

It was a downcast day when I left Tokyo. On the way to the airport saw Tokyo Bay.

At the airport there were some interesting local custom exhibition.

The executive lounge for ANA airways.

The ANA terminal does not have the passenger gentry. You still need to take a bus and walk up into the plane from the tarmac.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Kuala Lumpur.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Company Trip Club Med Charating September 2016

Its the time of year when we relaxed as a company after a year of hard work. The Malaysia Day long weekend was the period chosen for the company trip. Was early to the office. It was a good thing as it was raining heavily.

Proud to see the flags flying.

Due to the long weekend, most of the staff decided to drive down to Cherating on their own. This leaves only 6 people for the bus.

The bus passengers.

Arrived just after noon. Had lunch near the beach before checking into the resort.

After a short briefing and being allocated the rooms, we all trooped to our accommodations for the next 3 days.

Group photos.


Some of us had to walk further...

Nice room. I got one all to myself.


The view from my room was the sea.

The first thing was hitting the basketball and badminton courts. Then to a futsal pitch a game.

After tea we went to the archery center.

Then we went to other activities provided by the resort.

The grounds on the resort were well kept.

I like the wooden style buildings.

Every night there were shows performed by the staff of the resort as well as guests.

Took this beauty with me to Cherating.

The weather was slightly downcast which was good as it allow us to explore the beaches thoroughly.

Found an iguana.

A colleague trying the trapeze.

Enjoyed ourselves immensely.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Langkawi Trip 2016 - new activity: ATV

Went for another family holiday to Langkawi. Stayed in Tanjung Rhu. Didn't do much but relaxing. The new activity we did was an ATV adventure.


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