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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: Animal Kingdom, Dinoland - Part 09

Please refer to previous postings.

In Dinoland there is a huge life-size dinosaur made out of stone. The color choice of yellow is a bit off in my view. 

In this section of the park, the many buildings are designed to look like forward research stations. Note the lack of crowd (I like it this way).

There are other dinosaur statues that are more realistic. My kids told me that these dinosaurs were from the movie 'Dinosaurs'.

The first official trill ride for our Disneyworld trip is the 'Dinosaur' ride. Couldn't take a lot of pictures because of poor lighting. Only photo I got was just before we got into the vehicle. This is like a coaster ride.

As usual, at the end of the ride, the exit will always lead to a merchandise shop.

The next ride we took was more of a typical amusement park ride with wild light and gaudy decor. The kids enjoyed it.

Not a very high roller-coaster but has a lot of sharp turns and spinning.

The rest of the stuff here is very 'amusement' park like.

We then saw our first Disney character 'meet-and-greet' session. We immediately join the queue.

My son.

Still waiting...

Finally met Goofy as Santa Clause!

Oh, before I forget, the fun park is called 'Chester & Hester's Dino-Rama'.

Abstract art perhaps?

Here is a large play area when the kids can climb all over the place.

Quite a number of interesting bulletin boards all over the place where information about dinosaurs are put up.

A picture of me with a dinosaur skull.

The kids on a truck..

Actual bone of a dinosaur that was unearth...

After a while we decided to head to the Asian section...

Welcome to Asia!!

To be continued.

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