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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: The second leg - Part 02

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After a uneventful flight of 7 hours, we arrived at Dubai International Airport at 9:57 pm local time.

By this time, the kids were tired out and we had another 4 hours of transit time before we catch our next leg to New York. Instead of sleeping on the plane the kids (and I) watch the in-flight movies the whole way.

After just walking around for half and hour, the kids just found a chair and started snoozing. Before long, the announcement was made for us to catch the flight to New Your.
After quick trip to the washroom, we all assembled to the departure hall for the next trip. The flight to New York JFK Airport was EK203.

The plane that will take us on this leg of the journey is a Airbus A380. Quite excited as this would be the first time taking a A380. Luckily, the flight was not full. As you can see from the photo on the right, not a lot of passengers.

By this time, although we should be very sleepy, everyone was full of energy. The excitement of the trip is starting to get to us. This is despite the fact that this next leg is the real killer - 13 hours non-stop to New York. The time is 2:25 am local time.

Hopefully the in-flight entertainment and food would be interesting enough for that long journey. 

At this time, we were all discussing what we want to do first when we arrived there. Everyone has their own "first things first".......

The first my son did after sitting down was to get the headphones and immediately tuning on to the in-flight entertainment. However, in a few hours he'll be sleeping like a log.

The hours passed on rather quickly as we were able to catch some shuteye. When we woke up, we saw from the window a beautiful sight of the sun raising and finally the shores of continental United States of America.

Before long we were on the ground and taxing to the terminal. The local time was 7:15 am and the temperature was a cold zero degrees Celsius!

Surprisingly immigrations was very fast without any fuss whatsoever. We had another 4 hours of transit time to kill. It was cold to warrant us wearing jackets, even inside the terminal. The kids were real happy to find free wifi in the airport. While waiting for all of us to use the washroom, the kids had time to go online.

The first purchase we made on America soil was Dunkin' Donuts. This was the start to our less then healthy food binge for the next two weeks.

The terminal that we were in was very long. It was so long that you can see the other end if you stand at one end. In fact, it took us a good 15 minute walk to get from the start of the terminal to get to our gate.

Nevertheless, throughout the terminal there are many shops, restaurants and food/drink kiosks opened if you need anything. 

In JFK, there is no additional security checks at the gate before you board a plane.

While walking to our gate, we saw the A380 that took us to New York being taxied back to the apron for the return trip back to Dubai. A massive plane indeed.

Since the period we were traveling was near Christmas, decorations were either present or being put up. Festivities was in the air and we will be part of it. Cool!

To be continued.

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