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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: Checking into Disney's Port Orleans Resort, Riverside - Part 04

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We arrived at our hotel, Disney's Port Orleans Resort, Riverside at 4:15 pm local time. After getting the bags off the bus, we proceeded to the main lobby of the hotel to check in.

By this time, the 31 hour trip has taken its toll and I found my son slumped on a couch fast asleep without a care in the world.

The lobby was big and instead of us queuing up to be served, the lobby staff of the resort goes to you to do the necessary processing. After taking down our particulars and getting an imprint of our credit card (to be in the happiest place on Earth is not free!), we were allocated a room as well as a few interesting gadgets that I will explain later.

After doing the necessary and noting the kids were out cold, we decided to speak to one of the cast members (in Disney parks around the world, staff are considered cast members of the greatest stage show on Earth) about what to do while in the resort.

There are actually tons of stuff to do. Instead of referring to pamphlets and maps, we were asked to download a special application on our smartphones that will be able to do a lot of things, apart from just giving information. The best thing is that the whole Disneyworld has been wifi-ed and it is free!

Despite the hi-tech nature of Disneyworld, the traditional maps and pamphlets remains available in abundance. After getting a good briefing, we got a few maps and schedule of shows throughout Disneyworld before proceeding to wake up the kids and go to our designated room.

The resort is made out of clusters of two floor buildings with 30+ rooms in each building. Our room was 1650 located in the 16th block.

We got ourselves a family room that consist of two king-size beds and a single day bed that should fit the five of us comfortably. Unfortunately it was on the first floor and there's no elevators to help lift the bags up.

With the last bit of strength we hauled the bags up before heading to our room.

We were very happy when we got to the room. It was exactly as advertised and more. The two younger kids dove immediately on one of the bigger beds leaving the final heaving of the bags to the adults.

Customary in every visit to a hotel room, a series of photographs will be taken to remember the first day. Very cozy with loads of wood and warm lighting. The furniture is designed such that it looks as if it was made from transport crate and boxes that you expect from a 'port'.

Note the high back bench under the TV that doubles up as a single folded-up bed (more picture on this later).

The box near the window is actually an air-conditioning unit. This part of Florida is not considered to face a cold front and it seems people genuinely wanted their rooms to be cooler!!

There is no covered cupboard to hang our cloths. Instead, the hangers are set right next to the wash basins. Despite the tight fit, there are two sinks. The bathtub and WC are in another separate area.

This whole area is separated by a curtain.

Other items you can find in the room are hairdryers, iron and ironing-board.

We decided to rest a few hours before heading out to search for dinner.

To be continued.

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