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Friday, January 9, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: The third and final leg of a very long inbound journey - Part 03

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After four hours of transit, we finally headed to the departure gate to board the plane. Delta Airlines flight DL456 to Orlando.

This this picture from the window of the plane. By 11:52 am local time, the flight took off from a deary and cold New York morning to, hopefully, sunny and relatively warm weather.

The flight was not that full. A few families can be seen heading to the same final destination as us, Disneyworld. Must be frequent visitors as practically all of them have some Disney memorabilia in some form or another on them. So cute.

Took a selfie with my second daughter. Scene from the cabin on the flight to Orlando.

Just into the second hour of the flight, the plane started its approach to Orlando Airport. From the window we could see the Florida countryside. Very flat with lots of lakes. Can't see any tall buildings at all.

Tried to scan the horizon for a glimpse of Disneyworld but didn't see it. 

In a short space of time, we landed in Orlando. There was a short train ride from the satellite terminal to the main terminal.

I like the main terminal. There is a central area where the space is enormous. It doesn't feel like an airport at all. On the side is the airport hotel.

We got our bags and we headed towards the special Disney transportation counter to get our ride to the resort. Some of the kids are starting to yawn. Not surprised, total time taken to reach this point was 31 hours!

Disne's Magical Express. Let the experience begin!

The first experience in Disneyworld is, as expected, queuing. Luckily there were a lot of buses available and the queue flowed very fast to the end of the line. We got our bus and off we went to Disney's Port Orleans Riverside Resort.

Another 45 minutes to go!

To be continued.

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