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Monday, January 26, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: Hunting for our first dinner at Disneyworld - Part 05

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After resting for a few hours, it was getting dark. Time for dinner. We decided to go to Downtown Disney to check it out.

While walking down to the lobby to catch a complimentary bus, we saw a river boat about ready to leave for Downtown Disney. We immediately took a ride on it.

Unfortunately, it was a chilly night and the next 20 minutes we were shivering as we got hit from the wind as the boat is an open air vehicle.

When we saw the lights we knew we have arrived at Disney.

In Florida, Downtown Disney is so much bigger than the one you find in California. Spread along a huge lake, it takes some leg work and time to cover everything. For today, we decided to just search for a place to eat.

Here you can also find a big Lego store that we will definitely will be visiting. All around the store, giant Lego structures, animals and vehicles can be seen. There is also a lake monster partially immersed in the lake.

We finally found the AMC theater that also has a restaurant. Serving American style food, it is a good place as any for a meal.

In fact, last year when we visited Disneyland in Anaheim, the first meal we got was also at an AMC theater.

Like all American meals, the portions were enormous. While waiting, we read some of the promotional brochures about the theater. It seems that you can even order the food and have it sent to you while you watch a movie!

After the meal, we walked around exploring Downtown Disney. Despite the long journey that we just went through, we yet to feel the effect of the jet-lag.

The weather was chilly but bearable. With some winter clothing that we brought with us from home, it was more than sufficient to keep us warm. At one time we just set down to watch people go by and observe the multitude of lights emanating everywhere.

Although when we went was not a peak period, there were sure a lot of people having fun. I guess Downtown Disney is one place where you can still have the Disney magic without actually paying for a ticket in one of the theme parks.

By 11 pm we suddenly got very tired. So we headed towards the bus depot to catch a bus to our resort. In Disneyworld, all the public transport (apart from taxis) are complimentary for the convenient of guests.

We did not need to wait for long. Within 3 minutes a bus to our resort arrived and we all boarded it to go home. My son was trilled with what he has experienced in last 48 hours.

We arrived on a Saturday. In reviews, despite the non-peak period, the weekends are still packed. To ensure we don't waste a day's pass at a theme park, we have decided to make Sunday a shopping day.

On arrival to the resort, we went to the lobby to book a special taxi that is able to carry five people to go to the biggest factory outlet here in Orlando.
Just past midnight we decided to call it a night.

I realised our room has the Princess and the frog theme. Happy to be able to get to Disneyworld without any untoward incident.

Tomorrow the real adventure begins!!

To be continued.

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