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Monday, March 9, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: First day at a Disney park. First stop, Animal Kingdom - Part 08

We had a good night's rest and roaring to go to the parks. Early in the morning after a quick breakfast the kids were already waiting outside the room.

This the the hotel block that we stayed in. Only two floors but if you have a lot of baggage, not that fun at all.

The whole resort complex is very natural and follows the concept of the bayou.

We caught the complimentary feeder bus from the resort to Animal Kingdom. Although it was a Monday, the bus was relatively full. Mostly family with young children.

The Animal Kingdom is the furthest park from the hotel. It took a good 15 minutes on the bus to get there (loads of traffic lights and stops in other hotels en-route. We arrived just before the gates opened and the main car park was relatively empty.

Christmas is just around the corner and the whole place is being decorated for that event. At the entrance was a giant Christmas tree.

As this is the Animal Kingdom, the decoration on the giant tree has animal motives all around.

The entrance to the park. Surprisingly, it looks very simple and small.

Just before you enter the park is the famous Rainforest Cafe.

Once you enter, you will need to go through a tree covered path.

Our first FastPass. This allows us to beat the queues.

First stop is Dino Land...

To be continued.

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