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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: Shopping at Orlando's Premium Outlet - Part 06

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The first night went well. We all were dead tired after the long trip and had a good rest. When we woke up, it was a Sunday. We already plan to allocate this day for shopping instead of going to the park. We were advised to only head for the park on weekdays to avoid crowds.

What best start for a day than a cup of Maggi. Yes, I know, it is unhealthy. We are on holiday, lets live a little.

We already booked our transport to the biggest factory outlet in Orlando. We had our meal and got ready for the excursion.

Come to think about it, this is the first time that we started our holiday with shopping.
Just before we moved on about the shopping trip I would like to share the unique way Disney tracks their guests. What you see on my wrist on the right is a Disney MagicBand.

This is an RFID digital tag that (1) payment system for all purchases in Disneyworld, (2) digital key to open the hotel room door, (3) booking system for Fastpass, (4) register for rides as well as link photos taken by Disney staff, and (5) security feature to enter and track your movements in the resort.

As a parent, it is very reassuring in event you lose track of any of your children, the system can easily locate them. For the children, an excellent way to buy things without need to carry cash around (you can inform Disney to disable this buying option from the children's MagicBand. However, what is the fun in that).

Before we left to room to get to our transport, I noticed the safety information at the back of the door. So cute, even the safety instruction has been Disneyfied.

These guys think of everything.

The time was 8:00 am in the morning when we got to the main lobby. It took us about 5 minutes to walk from our lodge to the main resort building.

Port Orleans Resort Riverside is not one big building but spread over a few dozen acres in many small lodges of two floors consisting of 64 rooms each. If you are unlucky enough to be assigned the furthest lodge, you need to walk close to 15 minutes to get there. We were kinda lucky as Alligator Bayou Lodge 16 was only 5 minutes away.

The large van there on time and the driver took us to the Orlando Premier Outlet situated about 20 minutes away. Traffic was not that heavy considering that it was a Sunday morning.

The freeways in America has always interest me because of number of lanes. The freeway that we were on was an 8-lane route.

We spoke to the driver who happens to be from Haiti. He told us that taxis are easy to get and not that expensive. In fact, he recommended we don't need to book a taxi back but instead just go to a taxi stand to grab one anytime we feel like going home.

After 20 minutes in the van, we arrived at the Orlando Premium Outlet center. The first thing that went to my mind was the similarity to Johor Premium Outlet back home in Malaysia. Actually, I shouldn't be surprised since both these outlets have common shareholders.

Nevertheless, this premium outlet is still much bigger than the one in Johor.

As it was approximately 8:30 am in the morning and the shops officially opens from 9:30 am onwards, we decided to walk around and survey the shops that we want to visit. 

We were lucky that the information counter was already opened and we were able to get a map of the complex. We sat down at the food court and started planning our shopping strategy.

To be continued.

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