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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Disneyworld 2014: Shopping and jet lag don't mix; the aftermath - Part 07

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While waiting for the branded stores to open, some of the smaller specialist stores opened earlier. One of them is this sweet shop. Of course the kids found something hilariously digusting....Thank God I was able to dissuade them from buying....

The Orlando International factory outlet is spread over a large area. Everything is on one floor. It feel spacious and due to the number of shops you can spend the whole day (literally) shopping.

Apart from shops, there are also a lot of eating places. The centerpiece of the huge food-court. Here we had Vietnamese for lunch.

After a few hours of shopping we started to accumulate stuff...

A typical brand store in the mall.

This is how big a typical shop unit. For some brands, they may take more than two units to make a huge warehouse like space. Even for a shop that sells just kitchen stuff, there are tons of items to display.

Check out the price for a full set of Tefal cookware - only RM280 (assuming conversion of RM4 = USD1). Interestingly, in the US, it is spelled T-fal instead of 'Tefal'.

This place is the size of a city block!

A well-known watch distributor in the US.

By 8 p.m., the kids were bushed (also by the effect of jet-lag).

Finally, time to go back with our 'hunting' tropies......

To be continued.

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