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Monday, October 17, 2011

Istanbul Trip - Part 2 - Transit flight with Emirates via Dubai

The 777 Emirates plane as a nice touch to the ceiling of the cabin when it is lights out time. Small LED representing stars can be seen on the ceiling. Very nice design. Very homely.

After 6 hours of flight, arrived in Dubai. As the plane started its decent, the desert came to view. Patches of community can be seen.

With the latest technology in irrigation, even the harshest desert can be greened.

One thing for sure. In Dubai, every house appears to be a palace! See the size of each house and its compund.

Highway in the desert.

I noticed this huge factory. Must cover acres under each roof. I wonder what they make there?

Closer to town and the houses starts to get more dense.

Landed at Dubai international airport. A new terminal is currently being built.

Looks like a limp pipe.

While waiting for my connecting flight to Istanbul, saw this advert for a delicacy, the "Transmont anus". Would you try it?

The main terminal for Emirates airline is very modern and airy. Loads of shops to spent your time shopping (or just to window shop).

After 3 hours of waiting, the flight to Istabul is ready for boarding.

This is massive airport, as far as the eye can see, it is still the airport.

Chose the last row again.

While queing up for take-off, another plane started to queue behind us.

 And then another behind it.

As we take off, downtown dubai was seen.

Most buildings in Dubai are low rise, despite it having the tallest building in the world.

Below must be a hotel.

The main port.

The tallest building in the world, like a rocket shooting away from the clouds.

The World project. Another reclaimation project where you can buy the island to make your house.

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