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Friday, October 14, 2011

Istanbul Trip - Part 1 - KLIA Jungle Boardwalk and scenes from the plane window

Last week I went to Istanbul, Turkey for a conference. Here is the pictorial journal of that trip. I hope you enjoy it.

While waiting at KLIA terminal, I noticed the KLIA jungle park. Since I got some time before boarding the plane, I decided to enter the park.

It is called the KLIA Jungle Boardwalk. It consist of a well-defined wooden platform where you walk and at specific intervals there will be some signs highlighting interesting facts about jungle life, the trees and other plant lifes.

It is roofless. Therefore, it would be best to visit this park, which is situated in the middle of the terminal when it is not raining!

I estimate the size of the park to be about half an acre. In the middle of this park is a nice refreshing waterfall.

This is a matured jungle "garden". The trees are so tall that their top exceeds the top of the terminal roof.

I am impressed with the set up. It really looks like a real jungle. In a real jungle, the floor vegetation is relatively minimal as there is hardly any sun that could shine through the thick trees above.

For this trip, I decided to use Emirates. Its the B777 model and I chose row 48. Below is the picture of the ground crew doing their thing in preparing the plane for departure.

It was a full flight. The flight would transit in Dubai.

A MAS plane.

More MAS plane sitting at the tarmac. Since they are not linked to any airbridges, I guess they are not used for flights on that day.

A clear runaway for takeoff.

Gaining speed.

Up, up and away!

Below is the Malaysia Airports Berhad HQ.

I believe this is this Selangor.

This could be Kuala Selangor side.

Interesting way the river flows.

The sign of progress, an industrial estate.

Port. But which one?

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Anonymous said...

I watched a TV documentary about Istanbul, it's a beautiful country~ :D looking forward to your next post!


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