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Monday, March 2, 2015

Military weapons exhibition by the Kuala Lumpur Museum

Recently, the Kuala Lumpur Museum organised a special weapons exhibition in one of its special halls. A special entrance fee is required to enter this special exhibition.

Before you enter there are a few things that would interest kids.....My son as a British soldier...

....and as a Viking.

The exhibition starts with weapons from the historical age, the Stone Age. There are a lot of life-size panorama in the exhibition.

Here are some examples of stone tools and weapons found in Malaysia.

Another big section was on the two World Wars.

A vintage mortar.

Some weapons used in the war as well as post-war period.

A Japanese field artillery.

Some modern weapons.

Not that new sub-machine guns.


Sniper rifle.

There were many more weapons, especially the edge weapons. Unfortunately, the lighting was too poor for my Apple iPhone.

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