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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Tokyo Trip: 02 - Arriving in Tokyo and the shuttle from Narita Airport to the Prince Hotel Tokyo

Please refer to the previous posting.

I arrived in Tokyo in the early morning of 24 July 2013. Weather was wet and very humid. As we were approaching Narita Airport, low flying clouds covered the ground.

The cost of Japan see through the  break in the clouds.

Despite Japan being an industrialized nation, it is still very much covered with farmland. Around Narita Airport, you can see cultivated fields.

Landed safely and immediately you can see the misty condition at that time.

The airline next to our gate was China Eastern.

The gantry operator maneuvering the walkaway towards the door of the plane. By the way, in case you were wondering, I flew with MAS.

The airport terminal was already full of people.

After buying a bus ticket, I proceeded to the allocated waiting area for the bus.

This is my first time to Japan and I am already impressed with the cleanliness and the systematic way public transport was organised.

In the bus. In Japan, bus passengers are required to wear seat belts.

Saw some cars at one of the car parks in the airport. I bet some of those cars will be destined to be reconditioned and shipped to Malaysia in the very near future.

The carpark design is very American. Provision for doors to swing open can clearly be seen in the photo below.

Crossing one of many rivers that pours out to Tokyo Bay.

The bus was relatively empty.

Good thing the roads signs have English translation as well.

The rain started. Wet but one brave soul still driving along with his car roof still tucked away.

Starting to enter the populated area. Buildings started to appear.

The city is still green with loads to trees.

The city of 20 million. Bustling and packed with low rise buildings.

As it lies on an active fault-line, Tokyo couldn't build many highrise.

Unfortunately, that means all the low rise buildings had to be built very close to each other.

Below is a typical housing flat.

Traffic into Tokyo during rush-hour is not that bad actually. Much smoother compared to Kuala Lumpur. This can only be explained by the extensive public transport system that practically everyone uses.

The business district.

A very ingenious way to greening a building. Plant trees on the facade of the building.

Passed the Imperial Palace and Park complex.

The ancient wall that surrounds the Imperial Palace grounds.

A typical junction.

Honestly, I was surprised by the lack of cars on the road during rush hour.

Turning into the hotel. The Tokyo Tower is directly behind the hotel.

To be continued.

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