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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Melaka Trip - Part 4 - The river cruise

One highlight of my visit to melaka is the river cruise. I was told that the night cruise is something to look ouot for but when we went there, the queue was too long. So we decided to go for a morning cruise. (At the end of this blog are links to my other posting on the same trip)

Above is the view at the start of the cruise. Very picturesque. Interestingly, it is very clean. You hardly see any rubbish on the ground. At the opposite bank of the river is a new hotel. Did not have the chance to explore it. Will have to do that the next time.

This is the boat that we took.

Scenes from the boat.

Interesting replica of a water wheel. Can't believe in the olden days we used to use this kind of contraption here.

The shops and houses aloing the river have been painted and a lot of them have become hotels and restaurants. Loads of interesting places to chill.

The river is unbelievably clean!!!

You can have a lovely stroll along the river.

We pass a lot of bridges.

An amusement park.

A nother boat passing us by.

The monorail system that is having problems.

Funky painted hotel.

Security cameras are all around.

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jamiey writes said...

great! i was just planning a trip for next year to malacca... these posts will be of great help! :D

Fabulous Me said...

Been ere last mth. And stay @ Majestic Hotel. It will be more fantastic on night tour. Cantik

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

the next posting will be on the rotating elevator. check it out.

i wanted to go for the night cruise but the queue was too time


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