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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Melaka Trip - Part 2 - Visiting a typical Melakan Malay Home

Took the beca ride to go around the historical part of Melaka Town. Visited a traditional Malay village.

Do have to apologise as the pictures couldn't realigned itself. So for portrait shots, it comes out as lanscape (sideway).

Below is a traditional stone food processor.

The stairs on a typical Melakan Malay house is usually decorated with colourful tiles.

Below is the house of a famous Malay writer, Munshyi Abdullah.

Beside the house is a Chinese temple.

The classic wodden doorway.

The intricate dragon motif on the roof of the Chinese Temple.

A closeup of the design.

My family and I in the sitting room of the Malay house. Very small.

Typical kitchen utensils of old.

A big motar and pastle.

A colourful (metal base) serving tray.

Wood facade of the Malay home.

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