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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Melaka Trip - Part 3 - The trishaw ride around Melaka historic city centre

The trishaw ride took 1 and a half hours. The rate is about RM40 per hour (minimum of 1 hour). Just ask the trishaw man and he will be able to give you a detail tour of the historic city and provide a commentary as you glide the streets. Below is the place where the famous pineapple tarts are made.

Entrance to Jonker Walk.

My trishaw man.

The roads are very narrow.

Perpetual traffic jam. But the trishaw weaves through traffic like water!

Obviously, reflexology.

Many mosques.

And graveyards.

Chinese temples are a lot too.

Sign for a chinese delicacy.

Ornate designs.

Many old buildings have been refurbished into restuarants.

Loads of foreign visitors.

A shopping paradise.

A lot of antiques for sale.

Me and my 2 kids taken by my wife. Very floral trishaw.

The end of the tour is at the center of town, near a Farmosa.

Of course the toour had to end at a food place!


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