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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 07 - Meeting up with old university mate Nazim and family, Westfield Stratford City mall, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Continuation from:

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 06 - The Eye of London, Big Ben and the Parliment Building 

Today we went to Westfield Stratford City mall to meet up with my old university mate, Nazim and his family.

This mall was made during the London Olympics and is the biggest mall in the city. In the photo below you can just see the stadium.

Before the appointed time for the meeting, we went early to do some shopping. It was a Saturday and there were many people.

The whole area has been developed because of the Olympics.

My old friend Nazim.

...with his wife Regina and son Adil.

We had lunch a Nando's and later we went back to their house for tea. We left late in the evening.

To be continued.

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