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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My chili tree is now fruiting! I do have green fingers!

My chili tree is finally fruiting! How exciting. Proves that anyone can plant and grow food with the correct knowledge and material. With sufficient sunlight, water and fertilizer, we can grown our own food and reduce the pressure on commercial farming.

As you can see from the photo, the chili tree is still relatively short, about a foot and a half tall. I was told that once the tree grows to a meter or more, the harvest will get plentiful. Also, with sufficient fertilizer, it can continue to fruit non-stop.


theeggyolks said...

how long does it takes to grow? mine's not even 30 cm tall after planting for almost 1 year -_-"

Thristhan said...

Hahaha, it's been ages since I grew anything. Amazing feeling when you see it fruit right?

The Blogger (63672674) [meoramri] said...

theeggyolks> Mine is about a year. I got it from Sungai Buluh nursery. I was told that there are many different species of chili trees in the market. It is possible that yours is the miniature variety used predominantly to grow in pots and kept beside windows in kitchens.

Thristhan> it is an amazing feeling! The best part is the ease of it all. Just need to be patient.


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