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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

On assignment to Hainan Island, China - Part 01 - To the island

It was very early in the morning in KLIA to catch the flight to Hainan, China. Flying by Cathay Pacific Airlines. Morning is just about to start.

Was lucky to be able to fly by Business Class. On Cathay Pacific aircraft (an Airbus), the Business Class passengers have individual sections facing a way from the window. Here is a picture from where I was sitting with my back against the window.


The first leg of the trip was to Hong Kong. After a short one hour wait we took a Dragon Air airplane to Hainan Island. Below are photos from the aircraft.

The airport in Hainan Island that I landed was called Haikou Meilan International Airport. The island is so huge that they have two international airports. The most incredible thing is that the resort when the conference (which I was attending) took another 2:30 hours of traveling on bus to get there. I only arrived that at 7 pm (both the local time and KL time are the same).

To be continued.

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