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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Victorinox Swisscard Quattro - a pocket tool; bought in St Andrews, Scotland - Unboxing

I was in St Andrews, Scotland last week. I walked into a store and came across this interesting credit card sized Victorinox tool set. Called the Swisscard Quattro, it comes with 13 features. The gift box set was also ingenious and the whole package was just UK Sterling 16 instead of UK Sterling 22.

The tool is designed to be just slightly thicker than a credit card. It has a lifetime warranty and is something very useful to have.

The back of the sleeve that carries the tool list out all the tools available with the piece.

The inner sleeve on the left as a short history about Victorinox as well as a picture of the founder.

The whole package is made out of a transparent red plastic and you can see the various bits of tools available.

Instructions on how to use the screw bit tool.

The tool itself. If you don't want to put it in your wallet you can tie a string is a small loophole provided on the bottom right corner of the tool.

The back of the tool is devoid of any wording except for the ruler markers on the top edge of the tool. This tool can measure up to 4 inches.

The various bits.


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