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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 01 - Flight to London

Decision to go to UK was made in less than 24 hours after my daughter was given an opportunity by one UK university to do her degree there. Buying flight tickets and getting all the accommodations and traveling needs sorted in Kuala Lumpur was a breeze with the power of the internet. The adage 'With Credit Card Will Travel' definitely rings true.

Our journey started at KL Sentral at the ERL station. Flying by MAS was an advantage as we got to check in our luggage as well as get our boarding pass there an then without any hassle of queuing at the airport terminal.

The only snag is that the ERL Express to KLIA Airport is always full and hard to get seats. However, since we will be on our butts for the next 14 hours, standing for 28 minutes is not that bad at all.

The girls are busy texting because for the next week, the change of getting an internet connection was not guaranteed.

Before we headed towards the departure hall, we saw this cute warning sign.

At the departure hall, we had our traditional Burger King meal before flight.

To be continued.

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