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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 02 - Checking into our London apartment

Continuation from: UK Trip December 2015 - Part 01 - Flight to London

The MAS flight to Heathrow was uneventful. Unlike last time, the direct flight now takes 14 hours instead of 12 hours due to the need to bypass some warzones.

At the airport, the immigration lines were long as a number of international flights arrived about the same time as ours. Waiting time was approximately one hour. After that we got our bags and a taxi which we booked from Kuala Lumpur was already waiting for us.

The weather in London was dismal. Not unexpected. Downcast and rain are expected during this time of year. Nevertheless, the cold was refreshing. A nice 8 degree Celsius greeted us.

As it was a Friday morning, traffic was heavy on the way into London. Our destination was somewhere near King's Cross station where we were suppose to register and get the keys to the apartment that we rented.

The problem with that arrangement was that the collection office is 1 kilometre away from the actual apartment. As it was rush hour we couldn't get transport. We had to haul our bags through the streets of London to get to the apartment.

The apartment didn't disappoint us.

It was Apartment 10, Munro House located on the 5th floor. In fact, it is the penthouse. There are three bedrooms with beds for 6 people as well as a sofa bed (for another 2 people) in the living room. there are 3 toilets and the kitchen is well furnished with all the modern amenities.

There is a lot of storage space even for the bags which makes it easier to keep the apartment tidy for the next 3 days. All rooms comes with queen size beds but with individual duvet covers.

The amenities are not not high end but sufficient for our needs.

Since this is the penthouse, there is a balcony that runs along most of the apartment. In the second picture below is my son on the balcony shivering from the cold.

The view from living room of the apartment.

The last few photos above is the picture of the apartment complex from street level.

My only complain about the apartment is the whinny neighbor below us. Always complaining about noise to the extent warning notices were pasted at the lift lobby as well as beside the unit's door.

To be continued. 

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