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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Lego Technic model 42029 - Finally completed the project

Please refer to the previous posting:

Lego Technic model 42029 - new project for the next couple of weekends 

Finally completed the build of this Lego model after many months. Not as difficult as the previous project (see: The Lego Technic 42009 Mobile Crane MK II) that required six (6) instruction books to complete. For this project, only two (2) instruction books were needed.

This unit really reminded me of my old Ford Ranger 4x4 pick-up truck but in blue. However, not actually similar in many ways.

For a start, it is a single cab unit whereas mine was a double cab version with four (4) doors. This model has a winch whereas mine does not have one. It also has an air intake manifold above the hood as well as a tipping flatbed. Mine don't have any of these.

Based on the engine design, this model has a V6 engine. You can lift up the hood to see the engine and see the pistons working as you move the tires.

All tires have dampers with a lot of travel. The tires given are wide and off-rode in nature.

The flatbed has a simple folding-down door at the back.

The next set of three photos shows the flatbed being tipped as well as the rear door flap opened.

The controls can be found next to the right door of the driving cap. Pushing the lever forward allows you to tip the flatbed. Pushing the level backward allows you to release the winch at the front of the truck.

Here is the winch.



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