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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Bucharest, Romania - Official dinner on the first day of the Conference - Part 05

Continuation from Bucharest, Romania - First day of the World Bank Conference - Part 04

After a long and fruitful first day, the Romanian Ministry of Finance hosted a dinner for the participants at a famous local restaurant called Caru Cu Bere somewhere in the Old Quarter of the city.

A selfie I took decked with pullover and scarf. The weather was just about 5 degree Celsius. This place was not far and all of us walked.

The restaurant was situated in a old building with very interesting architecture. The ceiling is full of antique chandeliers and wooden carvings.

Everywhere you can see murals depicting the way of life of Romanians.

A selfie. Note the intricate design of the room.

Food wise, not as spicy as Malaysians are used to. A lot of meat and grilling is a major component of the cooking style. This is based on the food that was chosen by the host and served to us.

To be continued.

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