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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bucharest, Romania - First day of the World Bank Conference - Part 04

Continuation from Bucharest, Romania - A walk about town - Part 03

The next day was the conference day. It was held at the Romanian Banking Association training facility 20 minutes walk from the hotel. As the weather was just nice (chilly but not that cold), walking to the event was not difficult at all.

This conference was organised by The World Bank to help emerging markets learn methods and ways to improve their respective Government bond markets. A number of emerging markets participated and I was fortunate to be invited to such an event.

The set-up was very G-to-G like where everyone sits around a large square table arrangement. To ensure every participants can see the presentation without needing to swing their necks too much, flat screens were placed in strategic areas. The picture below was taken prior to the start of the event.

My spot.

This place is reminiscence of SC Malaysia's building. The large skylight room makes the area feel fresh as natural sunlight illuminates the hall.

The start of the conference. This conference was also co-hosted by the Romanian Finance Ministry.

The official title of the event.

To be continued.

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