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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Langkawi Holiday, November 2013 - 10 - Jungle walk

Please refer to the previous postings.

Our final day in Tanjung Rhu. One final activity to do before heading back for home. First things first - breakfast. As usual, we are practically the only people out and about.

The beach is deserted.

My son taking a selfie of himself.

The activity after breakfast is the jungle walk organised by the resort itself. Tour was conducted by Mr Fendi, a well know character in the resort. There were nine of us, a couple from Britain, a mom and daughter from China and us.

We need to go on a boat to where the tour starts. At this moment there was a slight drizzle.

It was a nice 2 hour walk in the jungle. Though it was raining and we were wet, we still enjoyed the experience. At the end, we came upon this hut where there is a natural well in the centre. Here we had our picnic courtesy of the resort.

The interesting part of all this is that we did it all withing the resort's vast property of a few hundred hectares.

Eating time...

To be continued.

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