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Friday, December 20, 2013

Invited to Jakarta to present a paper at a conference - 04 - November 2013 - The Conference

Please refer to the previous posting.

The conference organised by the Indonesian Bond Pricing Agency was a major one. Key players in the Indonesian bond market participated. Since the Chairman of the Indonesia financial services authority or OJK will be officiating the event, a big VIP room allocated. Food and drink were provided at the side of this large room.

The stage in the main ballroom. I was the only international participant invited to speak at this local-centric conference on the bond market. I felt honoured.

The participants filling the hall.

The MD of IBPA making his presentation. After him is my turn.

Since this is a local-centric event, I had to speak in Bahasa for a good portion of my presentation as well as during the questions and answers session. Awkward!!!

To be continued.

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