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Monday, February 15, 2016

UK Trip December 2015 - Part 12 - To London and back home (End)

Continuation from: UK Trip December 2015 - Part 11 - Tour of St Andrews University

This is the coordinate of the hotel where we stayed in St Andrews.

In the morning we took a taxi to get to the train station. From the bleak platform you can see the military airfield.

Waiting at the platform with other students from the university going home for Christmas.

On arrival to King's Cross Station, we took the tube to our next destination, Leonardo Hotel near Heathrow Airport. Since our flight back to KL was in the morning we decided to stay near the airport instead of in London itself.

Got two rooms.

A quaint hotel that caters for travellers.

The 'fireplace' was a video on a flat screen TV.

A simple lobby.

First thing next morning, before dawn, we are all ready to catch a bus to the airport.

At the airport the checking-in procedure was smooth since we came in early. We got the chance to have breakfast before our long flight home.

Boarding now.

Engross is reading.

Flew on MAS A380.

Basic food.

When we arrived we got on the ERL. Since we have been sitting for 12 hours, standing for 28 minutes was much preferred.

That concludes our UK Trip 2015.

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