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Thursday, February 11, 2016

On assignment to Hainan Island, China - Part 04 - The Le Meridien Resort

Continuation from:

On assignment to Hainan Island, China - Part 03 - The One Day Conference

The next day after the conference was the final day before leaving the resort. Since the flight was in the evening, got chance to explore the resort. Pity the weather was downcast and raining.

Note the many villas on the hills. Was told that these villas are being built to be sold to the Chinese as holiday homes.

The main entrance of the resort.

The hotel is only 4 stories high. However, if you do get a room at the ground floor and facing the sea, each room has its own private swimming pool (see below on the the left side of the photo).

This is the first set of pools for guests located in a jungle-like environment.

More on the private pools.

On the beachfront, this is the view of the hotel.

A second set of pool for guests is located here. You can also see the beach.

This resort is very children friendly. All pools are open for children.

The beach has a wide expanse before the waterline.

There is a place to exercise as well as the resort name to be placed without any fear of it being swamped by the sea.

Very picturesque.

The sand on the beach is not as fine as in Malaysia.

Le Meridien...

Note the sunken trampoline.

Very wide beach.

The hotel was able to secure a very secluded beachfront.

The changing room.

The hotel is surrounded by a large garden.

The first set of guest pools has a sense of quietness due to the trees.

Very secluded.

A photo of the private pool.

There could be a lot of people here but it won't be noisy.

View from my room.

The lobby.

Just about to board the bus to the airport.

To be continued.

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