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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Presenting a paper on the trading floor of the Indonesian Stock Exchange, IDX

Please refer to my previous posting:

Business trip to Jakarta, Indonesia via ERL, MAS and staying in The Ritz-Charlton, Pacific Place Jakarta

In the morning after breakfast, I headed towards the Indonesian Stock Exchange or IDX building to present my paper. I was honored to note that the Indonesian has allocated the trading floor of IDX for the event.

In the picture below you can see guests are arriving.

The stage where I will on....

The team managing the event.

Opening speech by the CEO of the Indonesian Bond Pricing Agency (IBPA), Pak Ignatius.

This was the event...

The launch of the ISIX...

Key players...

A simulation on how to use the information for fund managers.

Three fund managers were used as examples.

The data set...

Bloomberg was also there on stage with me. The guy in the middle is the moderator from IBPA.

Giving my presentation.

Questions and answers from the floor.

The event ended at 11 am.

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