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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The making of a miniature rocket stove or cannon (Part 01)

This past month I have been bitten by the DIY bug. One of the first projects I was interested in was the making of a bow (to fire arrows) from just PVC tube, some plastic rods and a length of para-cord. My focus was then diverted to the making a cooking stove using the concept of the 'rocket stove effect'.

The first project that I decided to venture into was the making of a miniature rocket stove using bits and pieces that one can find in hardware stores. For this project, a minimal amount of handiwork is needed.

What you need from the hardware store are the following (see the following photo).

  1. Two (2) T-junction pipes;
  2. One (1) connector tube;
  3. One (1) plug;
  4. One (1) tapered tube.

T-junction pipe

Connector tube


Tapered tube

Screw in the connector tube to the two T-junction pipes.

Screw in the Tapered tube into the end of one of the T-junction pipe.

Plug the hole on the T-junction pipe that is in the middle of the contraption with the plug.

A rocket stove is now ready.

To be continued.

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