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Monday, August 17, 2015

Bought a Dremel high speed drill for some DIY project - Part 01

Last week bought myself a  Dremel (Dremel 3000) high speed drill for some DIY projects I have in mind. For the last month or so, got the mood to do some DIY projects. Some of the DIY projects I got interested in are:
  1. Rocket stove
  2. Hobo stove
  3. Wood carving
Last weekend I got my chance to make a (1) & (2) combo. I didn't get a chance to take a picture but let me describe it in words on what I did.

I got a big square biscuit tin and cut a 3 inch wide by 2 inch high hole approximately 1 inch from the base. This hole is where wood and twigs will be fed into the stove. That's it.

To test, I stuff a crumple newspaper into the top of the tin (the opening where you get access to the biscuit) and then I put in a few sticks. I light it up. Within a minute, a roaring fire can be seen jetting out of the top of the tin box. You can also hear the sound of like a jet engine hence the term 'rocket stove'. As the fire burns and heats up the air in the box, the air starts to expand and escape up the top hole. The displaced air in the tin creates a vacuum that then sucks fresh air from the outside via the cut hole made earlier. This in in turn helps fuel the flame and the process (or cycle) repeats itself.

From an energy efficiency aspect, this helps to direct the heat in more-or-less one direction i.e. to the top unlike an open flame where the energy spreads out everywhere. By placing your cooking pan at the top hole, you have cook a meal with a small amount of fuel.

I will try to take a video next week.

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