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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Refund by Amazon for a delivery of a book that is not of a certain standard

A few months ago, I bought this book from Amazon. It came is a big box. However, the box was way to big for the book and you can feel and hear the book being tossed around the box when handling it.

When I opened the box, my worst fears were realised. The book was damaged.

There was a big tear at the spine of the book.

The inner lining of the cover was also torn.

All the corners of the book were dented.

There were scuffing marks along the edge of the books.

I made the complaint and withing a couple of hours Amazon replied that they will refund the whole cost of the book (including the courier charges). Instead of asking me to return the book, they gave me permission to do whatever I want with the book.


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