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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Langkawi April 2015 - Off to a beach holiday - Part 1

At the start of April we took a family holiday to Langkawi. A pure beach holiday with no itinerary whatsoever. As usual we took the first MAS flight out of KLIA to Langkawi. Before dawn we were already waiting for the ERL train at the Putrajaya station for the airport.

Despite the early morning, the train was already full and we had to stand.

At the airport it was straight to the departure hall as we did not have any luggage to put into the cargo hold.

This time when we flew MAS we took the advantage of the MH Upgrade programme. I put a bid for 5 business class tickets and we actually got it for just additional RM150 per person.

The kids had a whale of a time in MAS Golden Lounge. We started our holiday early (or should I say our eating binge early).

The plane to take us to Langkawi.

The kids have never flown business class before. So they are really happy to find the bigger sitting arrangement as well as the additional services provided.

In the flight, the five of us were the only one on Business Class. We felt special.

Taxi time.

Taking off to Langkawi. Hooray!

To be continued.

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