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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cyberjaya – Putrajaya Perdana Twincity Marathon 2014

On December 21, 2014, we registered for the Cyberjaya – Putrajaya Perdana Twincity Marathon 2014 as a family for the first time. Everyone got a number and all rearing to go. The very early morning start didn't diminished the level of enthusiasm in the kids. 

We got there early and decided to visit some of the booth opened at that time.

We registered for the 5km fun run. The though of going through a full or even a quarter marathon was too much for the kids to start with.

If they can take this 5km run, we may up it to a 10km the next time.

Was there with a few of our friends as well.

The run is about the start and we are off the the starting point.

The kids are all excited for the run to begin.

Away we go!! and after less than an hour we are back and queuing up to get our participation medal.

My son taking a selfie.

After the run we went to have breakfast.

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