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Friday, October 17, 2014

Old class photos circa 1983 - 1985, St John's Institution Kuala Lumpur - Brought back excellent memories of my school days.

This was for 3C in St Johns Institution back in 1985. Me sitting on the front row, extreme right.

Class trip to Kuala Selangor.

Ananta - now a Doctor - in fact, my family GP!

Ranjit - also a Doctor - a Gynecologist.

Fashion in the early 1980s. My friend Mariner started the man-bag craze way back then - trend setters!

Raja Kamarul - the athletic one.

Cheong - a Doctor; Shahril - EPF boss!

Mariner and Mr Goldman, our Sejarah (History) teacher. Love to hear his stories.

We were scrawny back then.

Raja Mahani.

 Mrs Kuga Tas.

Stamp Club.

Charles Leong.

These are only some of the photos that we have to remind us of the good old days in school. The new generation can't imagine the difficulty of getting hold of a camera to take a picture back then. Everything was based on film rolls.

Looking at the photos reminded me how close we were as classmates and more importantly as friends.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos Meor. Good memories of SJI. Where are the 5Sc2 photos?

Charles leong said...

Wonderful, those pics were so clear, thanks for bringing back 'some' great memories ( cos some
of it I can't recall, hahaha)


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