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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Bucharest, Romania - More huge halls - Part 10

Continuation from Bucharest, Romania - Wondering inside the second largest building on Earth - Part 09

In this particular room, last year's NATO summit was held. It too has a huge chandelier.

In this particular room, pink marbles are used extensively. Very feminine.

The intricate design of the ceiling decorations are baroque influences.

We were told that thousand of local artisans labored on this building. In fact, it still not finished yet.

A glass panel sky-roof overlooking another massive hall.

It is huge enough to play football.

The height is 16 meters from ceiling to floor.

Marble staircase.

Because of the marble, in summer, it is cool in the building.

On a major balcony we can see the city of Bucharest.

Even the balcony is huge.

Notice the lack of any tall buildings.

Bucharest sits on an earthquake zone, hence the hesitant of any developer to plan anything tall.

The Romanians are really proud to be a member of the EU. Everywhere you see a place to hang a flag, there will be an EU flag flying besides a Romanian flag.

To be continued.

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