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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Bucharest, Romania - Wondering inside the second largest building on Earth - Part 09

Continuation from Bucharest, Romania - A tour of the second largest building in the world, The Palace of Parliament - Part 08

The first room the guide took us is the theater. Here, a full opera can be conducted. Note the massive chandelier at the center of the hall. The guide told us that every material used in the construction of this building was sourced locally. The pride of the nation.

Below is not a hall but a corridor to another cavernous hall.

Even the ceiling was intricately designed by local artisans.

Another corridor. Really unreal. You have to be there to truly appreciate the grandeur of this building.

A beautifully crafted marble staircase. It seems that you can rent the halls for functions.

Not sure whether this is the front of the building.


A four tonne chandelier.

To be continued.

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