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Monday, March 31, 2014

The 2014 Hot Air Balloon Festival Putrajaya

Last Saturday took the family out to the 2014 Hot Air Balloon Festival Putrajaya held at the lake side near Presint 2. This year the event was done very tastefully. In an large area beside the lake, the organisers set aside a place for people to sit and have a picnic. Big bean bags are available (for rent I assume). Below is a picture of one such area.

The pier near the 'Needle' monument was a beehive of activities. Never seen a ferry docked there before.

By dusk, the lights were switched on. Took a picture of one of the bridges over the lake.

All along the lake, there were activities.

Took this shot using my iPhone.

Took a family Groupfie...

Had a wonderful time.

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