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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Invited to Jakarta to present a paper at a conference - 05 - November 2013 - Free and easy before the flight back home

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The next day after the event, since my flight was in the evening, I had a good stretch of time to explore. The day started with a hearty breakfast.

Walked the grounds of the Shangrila Hotel. Big garden and an impressive pool.

The hotel itself is quite tall.

The large pool set-up. Kids will like it here.

Even though it is already 10 am in the morning, the weather was overcast. Actually I was surprised no one used the pool yet at this time.

I took a taxi to go the the Plaza Indonesia. The biggest mall in the heart of Jakarta. Th top half of this picture is the food section of the mall where most of the restaurants are located.

After a few hours, I went back to the hotel to have a late Japanese lunch and then I proceeded to wait at the lounge before my airport transfer arrives.

While waiting got the chance to sample some chocolate mouse courtesy of the hotel.

Going home in style. A Mercedes E-class will be sending me to the airport.

Just before the flight back, I tried the famous Indonesian coffee "Luwak".

The end.

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