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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Teambuilding in Phuket - 01 - The flight to Phuket

Organised a team-building event for the company in Phuket. Was lucky to get a special package from MAS for the flight arrangements. As usual, my mode of transport to the KLIA is the ERL. Convenient for me as allows immediate check-in at the station. Took a selfie.

I also took a picture of a clock on the platform. The brand is "Siemens". Never knew Siemens made clocks as well.

At KLIA, Raymond Weil has the right to put up clocks all over the terminal.

After passing immigrations, I took the airport train to go to the Terminal C where there is more shops and eating places. I also saw the new KLIA 2 being built. It also has it own tower.

While waiting for the flight, had something to eat at Burger King. Got a seat at the window and saw the roof of the airport covered with photovoltaic solar panels. Very happy to note that Malaysia Airports Berhad is on the green bandwagon.

To be continued.

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