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Friday, October 4, 2013

Company Trip to Surabaya, Indonesia - Part 05 - Fancy dress dinner show

See previous posting.

At night the hotel is bath in warm light. Very romantic.

The mature trees around the property too gives it a very jungle-like feel. To some, it may appear scary. I took this picture at midnight looking straight up. You can just about see the full moon through the leaves.

One of the corridors at night. Very quiet.

The fancy dress dinner was themed "Wonderland". Here are some of the guests in their best costumes.

The whole event was staged in one of the gardens with the sky as the ceiling. It was nicely set up.

The food was placed at the side of the garden. Buffet style.

The guests mingling about. 

Shows were being performed.

A Witch is a very popular costume choice!

Guests enjoying the show.

It was hilarious as the cast members were the guests themselves!

It was a lovely evening with friends and colleagues. Made new friends too.

Beautiful backdrop.

To be continued.

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