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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Company Trip to Surabaya, Indonesia - Part 04 - The scene around the hotel and the Grand City Mall (plus dinner)

See previous posting.

If you face the entrance of the hotel and turn to the left, just above the ground floor is a plaque commemorating the event that spark the Indonesian Revolution. It is here that Surabayans climbed up to the roof to tear down the Dutch flag and hoisted the Republic of Indonesia flag. 

Looking out to the street from the entrance of the hotel you can see the main service centre for the Seiko Watch Group (which also includes Alba).

Traffic is really bad. Good thing there are pedestrian crossings at strategic spots on the roads.

A Seiko Clock Tower.

By evening, I happened to come across the Grand City Mall. A huge mall filled with high-end brands. Surabaya is the second largest city and historically, there are a lot of monied people here.

What I find interesting about this mall is that they provide tram service disguised as a train on the floors!

By this time I was hungry and I decided to try this steak joint. The steak was just so-so.

To be continued.

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