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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Company Trip to Surabaya, Indonesia - Part 02 - Arrival and a quick city tour

See previous posting on this.

After a three hour flight, we arrived at Juanda Airport near Surabaya. After going through the immigration and customs formalities we waited for the bus to pick us up to go to the City.

The 44 sitter bus has a smoking room! It also has a bathroom that is specific in nature ("Khusus Kencing" - Only for Peeing).

With everyone on the bus, we started towards the city. However, before we head to the hotel, there will be a short city tour and a pit-stop for lunch somewhere.

It took one hour to get from the airport to the city.

The first stop is the Semporna Cigarette Museum.

Nice stain glass mural.

After that we went to the Warriors' Memorial Park. Surabaya is the place where the war of independence started.

To be continued.

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