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Monday, September 23, 2013

Company Trip to Surabaya, Indonesia - Part 01 - The flight

Over the Hari Malaysia long weekend, I attended my company's trip to Surabaya, Indonesia. Flying by AirAsia meant the use of LCCT as the flight terminal instead of KLIA Airport. Because of that, a bus was provided to bring the staff from Mid Valley to LCCT.

After checking in, waiting for sometime at the waiting lounge. Took a selfie. Compared to KLIA, LCCT looks third world!

There are some shops in this terminal but not as many as in KLIA.

Waiting and looking at the time on my watch ticking away slowly.

While waiting, bought myself a chocolate bar. Breakfast for me.

We are now in the plane but unfortunately due to the rain, an additional 1 hour delay was spent on the tarmac.

To be continued.

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