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Thursday, February 28, 2013

USA Trip 2013: Part 3.1 - A new day and a new park: Disney California Adventure Park

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The second full day of your trip. Refreshed from a good night sleep and buoyed by our experience yesterday, everyone was excited to try out the latest park under the Disney banner in Anaheim. Called "Disney California Adventure Park", this park has been designed to cater for older kids and adults.

As we had a special 1 hour additional time at the park, we started early to the park. While walking through a hotel on the way to the park, we passed a set of working public phones which uses a dial instead of keys. The kids couldn't believe a phone to come without buttons.

Along Downtown Disney, we saw a vending machine that we have never seen before - a vending machine that dispenses electronic gadgets such as iPods, Dr. Dre headphones etc. You can also pay using a credit card.

The main street for Disney Adventure Park has the 1930s feel of Hollywood. Downcast day and it rained the previous night. Otherwise, good day to walk.

Loads to shops selling Disney products.

A replica of a famous theater in Hollywood which showed Disney's first cartoon feature.

Very different than Disneyland.

There's more bands and such instead of characters in this park.

The landscaping is just brilliant. Using perspectives to fool the eyes, you feel like there is a mountain right in front of you but in reality, it is just a small structure.

I was surprised the Disney now has a Winery. When I was in Disneyland 17 years ago, you can't smoke or drink but today, there are facilities for that as well.

The first land we went to was Carsland.

Radiator Springs! Note the lack of human traffic.

Something like a merry-go-round ride...

Next round is our turn.

A wicked ride. If 3 people in a cab, the middle usually gets squashed.

My son about to get squashed!

The particular ride is called the Tow Mater Ride.

Disney is all about business and there are shops all around.

Everything you see in the movie comes to life.

The sign to the Radiator Springs Racers - a new ride just recently open in June 2012.

An old petrol pump.

Wall made out of old glass bottles and cement.

You feel like you are in the Grand Canyon...

The race is about to start. It is a roller coaster ride is a racing car. Two tracks side by side and you would race against another car.

End of the ride, exciting.

This is another ride, Luigi's.

Riding on a tire floating on air.

Something like bumper cars but using your body weight to steer the tires.

The boys versus the girls.

Saw an interesting windmill using cut oil drums.

A Bug's Land entrance was close by but we decided to go to Hollywood Land first.

The Tower of Terror ride. Yes!!!

This ride has negative G-s. Concept is like a falling lift.

Took a picture of the image from the ride camera.

Beyond the barrier, it is actually a painting.

My son beside an old truck.

Taking photos with the painted backdrop.

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