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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

USA Trip 2013: Part 2.3 - An evening in Disneyland

[Please refer to previous postings]

The Haunted Mansion was a brilliant ride.

Walking along the path, the focus changed towards cartoon characters such as Winnie the Pooh and gang.

When I was last in Disneyland 17 years ago, the Indiana Jones ride was just opened. Its still in operation now.

Although there was no queue, the route that Disney laid out for us to follow before actually got on the ride must measure at least 150 meters long, winding and twisting through many display areas that builds the anticipation of the ride.

Below is a good picture that shows you the route that one must follow.

We then went on the Jungle Cruise ride.

The Indiana Jones themed shops were very interesting.

A boat trip that can span both the Zambezi and the Irrawaddy!

Another scene to show the lack of people at the park.

The boats used for the jungle cruise.

Disney really planned every minute details - even the canvas patching.

By the time we finished with the cruise, nightfall arrived. Got the opportunity to take Sleeping Beauty's castle lighted in pink.

The entrance of Tomorrowland.

We realised then we haven't visited Sleeping Beauty's castle. So off we went. In the castle, through various window displays, 3D panorama of the Sleeping Beauty tale was told as you walk through the castle.

Our final destination for the night is Mickey's Toontown.

Everything in this area has been "cartoon"-nized.

Waiting for another roller coaster ride. By this time the energy levels were close to nil!

When there is something interesting and fun, kids will have the will power to carry-on.

Closing time. Everyone slowly moves towards the main gates. Disneyland Main Street was full of people.

Nevertheless, we did got the chase to pop-in the shops. So colourful and lively.

Old amusement park games.

Old card fortune teller machine - Esmeralda.

Still got time to queue for ice-cream! Supper.

Heading towards Downtown Disney and to the hotel for a good nice rest. An excellent first full day.

To be continued.

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