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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Istanbul Trip - Part 4 - The MIFC Conference at the Ritz-Carton Hotel

Next morning is the day of the conference. Only then can one appreciate the taste of the Turks on their interior designs.In fact, I would say, very European.

Loads of wood. Even in the lifts.

They provide free Turkish Delights for guest at the lobby. A variety of them.

A very grand lobby.

This is something that you may not see, ever, a shoe shine station. The brass bottles both sides of the seat contains the various shades of wax for shining shoes.

A picture from the night before. View towards Istanbul, the Asia side. In the middle is the Bhosporus Straits.

Before the start of the day, got a chance to go the gym. Impressed with the facility. Very modern.

Only in the morning, I got a sense how hilly Istanbul is. The whole city sits on series of small hills.

The hotel swimming pool.

Another view of the city.

Tall buildings are not in apparent.

A good turnout.

The stage.

The first speaker on stage. I went on after this.

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