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Monday, September 26, 2011

Photos of Sands Marina Bay Resort, Singapore

Last week I got the chance to stay at the Sands Marina Bay Resort in Singapore. One of the two casino resort in Singapore. Its a huge building, or should I say series of three buildings.

Below is the reception area for Tower 1. On the day that we arrive, there was a computer glitch. Everyone had to check-out and check-in at the Tower 1 counters instead of the respective Towers' reception areas. It was a mess. It took me 3 hours to check in!

Its a vast area. Like a train terminal. There are a lot of art pieces around the lobby. Below is a picture of one that looks like cobwebs on the ceiling. Here, the ceiling is about 10 stories high!

Another photo of the same art piece.

Due to the duration of the waiting, i decided to walk to the mall and maybe get some lunch. Wow, the mall is something. This picture was taken at 11.30 am hence the lack of shoppers.

The bay was beautiful. Although it was downcast, got a chance to take a few pictures before it started to rain. LV even got a shop that is floating in the bay.

For a casiono resort, the room is not bad. Compared to First World Hotel in Genting, this can be considered luxurious.

Modern fittings.

There's even a large balcony.

This hotel is 56 stories high and I got a room on the 13th floor (Tower 3). I was told that the construction that is going on is for another new mall to supplement the one that they have already. The complaint from a lot of visitors is that the current mall is too exclusive and there are not brands that is affordable to a lot of the visitors. Hence a new mall is being built. This is similar in concept to Mid Valley - the Mall versus the Gardens.

A piture of the bay area from the 13th floor lift lobby. The funny shaped bowl in the bottom of the photo is the Museum of Art.

This is the famous reflection pool on top the the 57th floor of the hotel.

This is the view at night from the same floor.

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Nava Krishnan said...

I like the clean and neat surrounding of the room which is so important for me when I stay in hotel rooms.


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